Do You Have Bad Credit? Learn How You Can Still Rent Apartments


You may be of the view that poor credit rating may not affect the rental process. However, it does. The rental applications can get denied by some landlords due to blotchy credits, no matter if your rental history has been a clean one and you earn the sizable salary.

Other landlords might just be searching for previous evictions on your record or some other blemish on the report. So, if you are worried about the fact that your poor credit history won’t allow you to find a suitable rental apartment in Houston, here are some options that you should consider.

First of all, you must know everything that is present on the credit report. Credit report should be examined thoroughly before even starting to hunt for rental apartments. Credit reports are maintained with all three credit bureaus, so you should get your report from any of these credit bureaus. If any inaccurate information is present, you must dispute it and get any errors off your credit report.

The alternate option for you in this regard is to find champions Village apartments that do not check for credit. There are different places where such rentals can be looked for. Craigslist is on top of them all. Apartments are advertised in housing section at this website. Just ensure that you look in the desired city. It is a great resource to look for vacant rentals with an exemption of credit checks.

The classifieds in the local newspapers also tend to advertise Houston rentals which do not have a necessity to go through credit checks. Most of the advertisements can be found in Sunday’s paper. Classified advertisements are also listed in many newspapers on the internet, and you can explore that option as well if you are relocating to some new town.

Another great option is to look for the desired rentals through estate agents. They can help you in finding condos, townhouses and apartments without credit checks.

Finally, you can scout through your desired neighborhoods and see if there any no-credit-check rentals available. It is possible for homeowners to rent apartments and advertise only using “For Rent” sign in front of the property or by spreading the word in their social circles. Once you find a reasonable property, meet with the landlord and check to see what terms they are willing to rent. Probably they won’t be conducting credit checks.

Talking with the landlords will simply give you a feeling as to whether they’ll be performing credit checks or not. Or, you can simply ask prospective landlords about the criteria that they use for approving tenants for their rental property. You can hope that credit checks are not on their list.

So, you need to look in right places, most probably, to find what you are looking for. It will certainly help you in getting apartments without credit checks.